“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe.” ~Joseph Campbell

The unconscious is that deeper part of ourselves, that unacknowledged second self, moving with us through life. It is that power carrying us past the worlds we imagine, transcending the limits of time, reaching back to our ancestors, a thread connecting us with all of human experience. It is that place, that wide, wine-dark sea in whose dreaming shallows drift all our other selves: our higher selves, our poetic selves, our savage, animal selves, and that part of us which is eternal and indefinable.

Beyond those sun-dappled shallows, where the sea falls suddenly away into endless darkness, are the beasts that haunt us.

In the last few years I’ve been seeking to reconnect with my art. When I was a young man, art was an escape. I used my paintings to travel beyond the mundane world to other, brighter realms. Lately, I have grown tired of my meager imagination. I find myself longing for the direct connection with life that I had as a young child, a connection I had come to believe was the price of growing up. As I’ve fallen back in love with the world, I’ve also fallen out of love with my art.

For any artist, feeling out of touch with one’s art is intolerably painful. So I’ve begun to feel my way forward, groping like a blind man for any spark of reconnection. Walking down new paths, exploring new directions, both in terms of subject matter and craft, I’ve kept myself alert for anything that felt like love. Anything that felt like a real connection. These paintings document that process. My slow, painful opening up, both as a man, and as an artist.

The ancient Greeks, sailing into the vast ocean of human experience, named the things that they found there. Clothed them in immortal flesh. Set symbols in motion. Returned home, laden with tragedy and comedy from the deep places of the world. They were artists, poets, philosophers, mystics, oracles. Human wanderers attempting to match their heartbeat to that of the universe.

self portraitArtist Bio

A graduate of the University of Michigan School of Art (BFA, Painting), and Syracuse University School of Art (MFA, Illustration), Christopher Moeller has become an established figure in the world of fantastic illustration and graphic storytelling.

Writing and painting graphic novels from his studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania since 1991, Moeller’s most notable contributions include JLA: A League of One from DC Comics and his Iron Empires science-fiction trilogy, currently in print from Dark Horse Comics.

Alongside his storytelling work, Moeller was the cover artist for the monthly title Lucifer from Vertigo comics, and Batman: Shadow of the Bat from DC Comics. Moeller has provided illustrations for a variety of game publishers, including Wizards of the Coast, Blizzard Entertainment, White Wolf games, and many more.